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Getting Started

CrossFit is for everyone—regardless of age or fitness level. Those who use it range from elite athletes and military personnel to grandparents and working professionals. Every workout is scalable, to fit each individual’s fitness level, and is performed under the supervision of trainers.


Free Intro Class

The best way to start with CrossFit is to attend a free intro classes. The classes are designed for every level of fitness and are a great opportunity to learn some of the basic CrossFit movements. They also allow participants to see PFT’s facility and have any questions or concerns answered.

There is a free intro class schedule most Saturday’s at 11AM (please check the schedule) or you may contact us to schedule a time that works better for you.

To attend the Saturday intro class register here. If you would like to schedule a different time or have questions simply contact us through the website or call 847-748-8441. You may also contact Josh directly at 847-217-8224.


On Ramp Program

(Next scheduled On Ramp starting Monday, August Sept. 15, contact us if you would like to get started earlier)
PFT is confident that, after trying out an introductory CrossFit class, you will be hooked, realizing how boring, ineffective or outdated your old exercise routine was. Therefore, PFT offers its On Ramp program, designed to push its participants, helping you achieve the results you are looking for.
On Ramp is a six-session program that will familiarize you with all the major CrossFit movements. You will practice perfect form, learn how to scale movements, and participate in a workout that ratchets up your fitness level.

PFT requires those without prior CrossFit experience to complete the On Ramp program in order to safely and confidently join the Workout of the Day (WOD) classes.

The On Ramp program consists of 3 sessions per week for 2 weeks (New classes begin every two weeks). There are morning, mid day, and evening options available. Please check the schedule for exact times. We are also willing to schedule other On Ramp times based on demand. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to set up an alternative time.  The $249 price also includes two weeks of WOD classes after the program is completed. Each On Ramp class is capped at six athletes to ensure a low participant-to-trainer ratio.


Private On Ramp Sessions

If your schedule restricts you from attending one of the On Ramp classes (or if you prefer one-on-one training), PFT also offers private On Ramp sessions. The $450 price includes six private sessions and two weeks of WOD classes. Please contact PFT (link here) to schedule your private session with one of our trainers.