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Performance Factory Training has some of the most talented coaches around. Each member possesses valuable knowledge and experience you won’t find anywhere else. They lead by example, teaching tried and true methods that get results. Our coaches will happily put in the time and effort necessary to reach your goals. There’s only one thing missing – YOU!

  • Josh Tooley

    Owner/Head CrossFit Coach

    Josh got his start in high school as a three-sport athlete before making the leap to collegiate football. There, he served as team captain and became a two-time All-Conference linebacker. “I spent a couple years as a personal trainer and sports performance coach before attending grad school and becoming a graduate assistant for Trinity International University Football.” Later, Josh was promoted to Defensive/Strength and Conditioning Coordinator and began his CrossFit training.

    “I loved CrossFit and working with athletes so when the opportunity came to open a gym with two of my good friends, I didn’t hesitate. Josh is passionate about coaching weightlifting and teaching members that lifting heavy isn’t dangerous. It won’t make you bulky, but it will change your body and your health.


    • CrossFit Gymnastics
    • CrossFit Kettlebell
    • CrossFit Level 2
    • NASM-PES (National Academy of Sports Medicine-Performance Enhancement Specialist)
    • NCSF-CPT (National Academy of Sports Medicine-Certified Personal Trainer)
    • USA Weightlifting Level 1
  • Aaron Kauffman

    Owner/Head of Personal Training

    Aaron’s always been an exceptional athlete. As a youth, he played multiple sports in high school and college, at the All-Conference level. He even earned the title of male athlete of the year. As an adult, Aaron began his professional fitness career at a health club, which introduced him to CrossFit. He loved working as a coach but wanted to take it a step further and open his own gym.

    Aaron’s passionate about helping people. As the Head of Personal Training, he’s able to use his skills and fitness knowledge to relate to each client individually and develop personal programs that are effective and engaging.


    • CrossFit Level 1
    • NASM-PES (National Academy of Sports Medicine-Performance Enhancement Specialist)
    • USA Weightlifting Level 1
  • Zeus Maldonado

    Owner/Head of Sports Performance Training

    Zeus was a two-time high school football champion, followed by three years as a starter at Trinity International University. There, he was named team captain (twice) and an All-Conference selection. Through his friendship with Josh and Aaron, he was exposed to CrossFit and decided to open his own facility. Zeus specializes in sports performance for athletes of all ages and fitness levels. He enjoys helping people develop their bodies as well as their minds.


    • NASM-PES (National Academy of Sports Medicine-Performance Enhancement Specialist)
  • Rebekah Kauffman

    Assistant CrossFit Coach

    Rebekah spent her early years playing team sports like field hockey, basketball, and soccer. The latter of which she continued at a collegiate and professional level. Later, she tried her hand at CrossFit and absolutely loved it! She enjoyed it so much she wanted to help others master the workouts. As a coach, Rebekah loves “working with athletes and creating a plan to get them where they want to go while encouraging and supporting them through the process.”


    • NASM-PES (National Academy of Sports Medicine-Performance Enhancement Specialist)
  • David Meyer

    Performance Trainer

    David Meyer specializes in and is passionate about working with young developing athletes. He is a pro at helping them feel comfortable in a gym environment and making their gym sessions enjoyable. With his back ground in Club Rugby, Powerlifting, and being a former Walk on with the University of Arizona Swim team he is a perfect candidate for this role. He always loved being involved in sports and that soon blossomed into wanting to improve himself in the gym when college came around. Shortly after, he looked into training and helping people obtain their fitness goals, so the two fit together perfectly for him with a career in training. He his active in his community, puts his family first, and loves helping people realize their full-strength potential and watching them outperform their own expectations.

    David’s Favorite quote: “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi


    • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
    • CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)
    • PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist)
  • Brian Friend


    Coach Brian Friend specializes in aerobic fitness, and prides himself in educating athletes about movement quality, pacing and breathing.  “As a coach I seek two things,” he says. “An honest relationship with athletes and members I work with , and the ability for them to acquire sustainable habits that will facilitate a lifetime of not only health and fitness, but also contentment and joy.”

    “Teaching and coaching have come naturally to me. It was not a career I set out to pursue,” he says. Beginning as a strong swimmer, and then as a decorated college soccer player,  Brian feels that his CrossFit journey was far greater than a physical transformation or an improved diet. ” I spent years researching the origins of the methodology in my spare time; reading old CrossFit journal articles, watching grainy YouTube videos from the archives of the original gyms in California and the early years of the CrossFit Games. The natural next step was the CrossFit level one course.” After this, he went on to become a professional coach at the individual level. He says, “The culmination of my studies, both personally and professionally, has equipped me well for a multitude of coaching environments.”


    • CCP Level 1
    • CrossFit Level 1 coach


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