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Upper Body Pressing and Accessories

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CrossFit PFT – WOD

Floor Press (5×3- working to 3RM)

Strict Pull Ups (5xME- superset with floor press)

Metcon (Weight)

3 sets:

10 DB L-sit Shoulder Presses

6-10 DB Tempo Rows
For the tempo rows lay chest down on an incline bench. Each rep is 3 seconds up, 3 second hold, 3 seconds down.

Banded Face Pulls (100 reps in as few sets as possible)

Attach a band to the pullup rig at face level. Pull your hands to your mouth, palms down.

Metcon (Time)

Every 3:00 for 5 Rounds

20/15 Cal Assault Bike

Rest remainder of 3:00

Score= total working time